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Elements of a Breakthrough

Integrating a proprietary technology with conventional components to deliver highly reliable, renewable power. 

Proprietary Technology

  • Solar Receiver/Boiler
    Concentrated sunlight converts water in a boiler to high-temperature steam.                 
  • Heliostats
    Software-controlled field of mirrors concentrate sunlight on a boiler mounted on a central tower.
  • Optimization/Control Software
    Optimization software and solar field integrated control system manage heliostat positioning to optimize concentrated sunlight on the boiler.

Conventional Components

  • Turbine
    Steams powers a turbine to produce electricity and is then converted back to water through an air-cooled condenser.
  • Air-cooled condenser
    Low-impact design, using over 90% less water than competing solar thermal technologies that use conventional wet-cooling.
  • Auxiliary gas-fired boiler
    Allows for hybridization, increased output and more reliable electricity production.


When integrated, cost-effective thermal energy storage extends solar electricity production into later parts of the day after the sun goes down.