BrightSource’s Environmental Commitment and Stewardship SustainOne


BrightSource Energy's Environmental Commitment

At BrightSource Energy, respect for the environment informs our every thought and action, from the technology we develop to the stewardship we practice. Our concentrating solar power (CSP) technology exists to produce clean energy, address climate change, improve air quality and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Equally imperative is the all-encompassing environmental approach we take to each one of our projects. BrightSource’s solar thermal energy systems are designed specifically to minimize their impact on native ecosystems.

SustainOne is the embodiment of the comprehensive environmental commitment of BrightSource Energy. It sets forth best practices and protocols with respect to thoughtful and effective land use, resource conservation and species protection. SustainOne ensures that we tread as lightly as possible everywhere we go.

A philosophy of engagement

BrightSource carefully considers environmental concerns as we work with all stakeholders - including governmental and cultural agencies, consumers, utilities and environmentalists. We actively engage with local communities through numerous outreach efforts, keeping them fully informed of our approach and our progress.  Similarly, we work closely with the staff at environmental agencies on a consultative basis to ensure that BrightSource projects correspond to – and in many cases exceed – all appropriate environmental guidelines and regulations.

Stewardship Overview