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  1. BrightSource Energy, Inc. Names David Ramm as New CEO

    OAKLAND, Calif. – BrightSource Energy, Inc., a leading provider of concentrating solar thermal technology (CSP), announced today that its Board of Directors has named David Ramm to the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

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  2. Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System Reaches ‘First Sync’ Milestone

    Testing confirms operational readiness of world’s largest solar thermal project

    NIPTON, Calif.--Sep. 24, 2013--Today it was announced that the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System produced its first output of energy when the Unit 1 station was synchronized to the power grid for the first time.  Achieving this critical “first sync” is a major milestone for the project, which is jointly-owned by NRG Energy, Inc., BrightSource Energy, Inc. and Google.

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In the News

  1. Bird Deaths From Solar Plant Exaggerated By Some Media Sources

    There seems to be some hysteria online about bird deaths associated with the Ivanpah solar project in California. For example, this news article calls the solar power plant a “death ray as if it is a weapon. The same article says that hundreds of thousands of birds might be dying, or 28,000 or 1,000. That is a very wide range, and at least suggests that no one may have precise numbers. So is the total 100,000 or 1,000? Brightsource says the number is much lower than 1,000.

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  2. And the Winner Is…

    The Plant of the Year award goes to the most interesting, usually new, plant in the previous year. Sometimes it’s a “first,” like last year’s first U.S. ultrasupercritical (USC) coal plant. This year it’s the world’s largest solar thermal plant: Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System.

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  3. Solar power plant tours in Nevada, California enlighten Interior Secretary Sally Jewell

    Calling them trailblazers in an industry she expects to grow and improve, Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell on Monday applauded the developers of two very different solar energy projects built with federal help on public land near Primm.

    “It’s paving the way for the future. It’s paving the way for green energy,” she said of the work under way in the Ivanpah Valley, about 40 miles south of Las Vegas. “Thank you for being pioneers.”

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Newsletter - OneSun

  1. Newsletter


     • Partnership at Palen: BrightSource Inks Deal with Abengoa
     • Ivanpah Achieves First Steam, First Flux

     • BrightSource Spanning the Globe
     • CSP Alliance Report Continues to Gain Readership, Renown
     • Thank You, Thank You Very Much

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  2. Newsletter


     • Contracts Approved, Billions of Investment Dollars Heading to California
     • $84 Million Equity Raise Completed

     • Getting to an AOTA: An "All of the Above" Energy Policy
     • Project Update & Community Spotlight

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  3. Newsletter


    • President Bill Clinton Makes a Special Visit to Ivanpah
    • A conversation with Marc Sydnor

    • SustainOne: The environmentally responsible way to get some sun
    • BrightSource on the road

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  1. New Report

    The Economic and Reliability Benefits of CSP with Thermal Energy Storage: Literature Review and Research Needs, 2014

    First published in 2012, this revised and expanded technical report incorporates the latest research on the economic and reliability benefits of CSP with thermal energy storage and serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding the design and operational attributes of CSP plants with thermal energy storage.

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  2. The Value of Concentrating Solar Power and Thermal Energy Storage

    National Renewable Energy Laboratory
    This paper examines the value of concentrating solar power (CSP) and thermal energy storage (TES) in four regions in the southwestern United States.

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  3. Sustainable Energy in America Factbook 2013

    Bloomberg New Energy Finance/The Business Council for Sustainable Energy

    This Factbook – researched and produced by Bloomberg New Energy Finance and commissioned by the Business Council for Sustainable Energy – offers a fresh look at the state of US energy along with the roles new technologies and innovations now play. Its goal is to offer simple, easy-to-understand benchmarks on the contributions these new energy technologies are making today. It also provides information on finance and investment trends in clean energy resources.

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  4. Renewable Energy and Jobs - Annual Review 2014

    IRENA - International Renewable Energy Agency

    IRENA estimates that globally, 6.5 million people are working directly or indirectly in the renewable energy sector, based on a literature review and annual data collection.This publication presents the status of renewable energy employment by technology and by selected countries

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  5. 2014: The Year of Concentrating Solar Power

    U.S. Department of Energy

    Across the nation, solar energy is taking off, with more Americans “going solar” every day. And, it’s not just solar panels popping up on the rooftops of homes; Americans are starting to adopt other forms of solar energy, as well. Concentrating solar power (CSP) is a technology that harnesses the sun’s energy potential and has the capacity to provide hundreds of thousands of customers in the United States with reliable renewable energy—even when the sun isn’t shining.

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Company Literature

  1. Corporate Overview

    BrightSource Energy is a leader in solar thermal technology. We concentrate the sun’s limitless energy to produce high-value steam for electric power, petroleum and process markets worldwide.

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  2. BrightSource Energy Company Facts

    BrightSource Energy, Inc. designs, develops, and deploys solar thermal technology to produce high-value electricity and steam for power, petroleum, and industrial-process markets worldwide. Our team blends internationally-renowned solar thermal technical experience with world-class finance and project development capabilities.

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  3. Environmental Stewardship Overview

    At BrightSource Energy, respect for the environment informs our every thought and action, from the technology we develop to the stewardship we practice. Our concentrating solar power (CSP) technology exists to produce clean energy, address climate change, improve air quality and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

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  1. "How to Get an All of the Above Energy Policy"

    5th Annual United States Energy Association Annual Energy Supply Forum  On October 4, 2012, Joe Desmond delivered a keynote speech for the USEA’s Annual Energy Supply Forum at the National Press Club.  

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