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In June 2008, BrightSource Energy opened the Solar Energy Development Center (SEDC), a fully operational solar demonstration facility used to test equipment, materials and procedures as well as construction and operating methods. The SEDC is located in the Rotem Industrial Park in Israel’s Negev Desert, about 157km (97 miles) south of Jerusalem.

The SEDC is a scaled cross-section of a typical commercial plant and serves to demonstrate BrightSource Energy’s proprietary LPT solar thermal technology. The six megawatts-thermal facility has been tested and verified by an independent engineering firm, and found to produce the world’s highest temperature and pressure solar steam. In a full-sized, commercial plant, this utility-grade superheated steam is piped from the boiler to a standard turbine to generate electricity.

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Fast facts

  • Location: Rotem, Israel
  • Output: 6 megawatts-thermal
  • The SEDC power tower and surrounding heliostats concentrate the sun's energy onto the boiler, heating the water inside up to 540° C, or more than 1000° F.
  • The SEDC plant includes more than 1,600 full-size glass mirrors (heliostats) and a 60 meter tall tower topped by a solar boiler.