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Ivanpah Videos

  1. CSP Tracks Webinar Series - Ivanpah: A Case Study

    With CSP poised to play a major role in South Africa’s clean energy future, you’ll find Ivanpah‘s story to be most illuminating. This informative webinar, Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System: A Case Study, provides a unique perspective on clean energy.

  2. Ivanpah - The Facts

    The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System generates 377 MW of clean solar power, enough to power 140,000 California homes. This brief video provides some quick facts and images from this iconic infrastructure project.

  3. Ivanpah: A Compilation

    View a collection of clips from Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System featuring segments from President Obama, President Clinton, Governor Schwarzenegger, construction footage, mitigation practices and Family Day.

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BrightSource in the News Videos

  1. Solar South Africa Interview

    Daniel Schwab, Business Development Manager, contributed to the ongoing dialogue of how South Africa should exploit the significant benefits that Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) truly offers.

  2. President Obama highlights Ivanpah Solar Project during weekly radio address.

    BrightSource cited as key example to the President’s historic commitment to promoting clean energy.

  3. Ivanpah Project on CNN International's "Earth Frontiers"

    A closer look at a few of the large-scale solar projects in the world’s deserts.

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Corporate Videos

  1. BrightSource Technology

    Description of BrightSource Energy’s innovative solar thermal system and application to major industrial markets.

  2. The Future of Clean Energy

    The Future of Clean Energy video describes our mission to produce high-value steam for electricity generation, petroleum and industrial markets worldwide.

Coalinga Videos

  1. Fox News Oil Drilling Gets a Green Makeover

    BrightSource Energy highlighted for enhanced oil recovery at Chevron’s Coalinga oil field.

  2. B-roll Footage of Coalinga / BrightSource "Solar-to-Steam" Facility

    Construction footage of the solar to steam enhanced oil recovery facility in Coalinga, CA.

Hidden Hills Videos

  1. Hidden Hills Simulation Video

    Ground and aerial simulations of the proposed new site on the California/Nevada border.

Palen Videos

  1. Palen Simulation Video

    Ground and aerial simulations of the proposed new site in Riverside County, California.

Jobs Creation / Economy Videos

  1. Senator Reid's National Clean Energy Summit 5.0 (full version)

    Speakersincluded former President Bill Clinton and  Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. Note: Conference officially starts at 08:30 minutes. 

  2. President Clinton: Highlights Ivanpah 

    President Clinton highlighted the clean energy economy and the Ivanpah solar project at Senator Harry Reid's National Clean Energy Summit 5.0.